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In the basis of emergency, the near by service team will be there within a moment.

Introduction Background

To know the current location, and to increase work efficiency


Wait for Customer Support

When there is an emergency call from a customer, the worker will be given this unplanned schedule, this would take twice of the normal time.


Unable to know the current location of Service Personnel

The Current location of Service Personnel who has already completed the work is not able to be grasped, so the Service Personnel who stays nearest to the customer's place cannot be assigned to support emergent customer.


Check the current locationof Service Personnel immediately

By managing Service Personnel on the map, Call Center will be able to check the current location and issue the precise instructions. According to this solution, the emergency supporting time is possible to be unchanged from the normal time used.

Introduction Details


It can tell you easily where you are on the map

Concept: Simple, Ready, Small


To implement minimum required function for the easily usage and understanding


To use device-smartphone (GPS embedded), we already have (no need to but a new one, We ready have (no need to buy a new one, ready-to-use no need new learning)


- To design for a small group (a small start)

- Customizable


→Improve Customer Service

→Optimize maintenance work

→Automatically create daily report


Sample Flow

More information about RakuDoko-Map, Please contact us.

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