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Realtime Tracking System

​The location tracking system for business. This can show a Realtime position of delivery team 
on the map, navigate the best route to customer, show arrival time and others information base on your requirement to manage your logistic bussiness.

"Step up to advance in the logistic services with innovation"



     The problems alway happen when you try to buy some goods or services for many reason . . .

You have no idea how to explain your location or route to delivery staff !!

Route Planning
Stressed Woman

Cannot guide the correct direction cause wasting time or going to wrong place !!

Delivery or services arrives in bad time when you are working or not available !!

Business Meeting
Movers Carrying Shelving Unit

You want to check service or delivery which you hire even you're not at home !!

"These will not happen if you know

the correct location & time !!"

Concept & Contents

Concept >>




Use the GPS of Mobile phone network to show customer & delivery location on map


Routing & 

Timing provide

Web map services will provide the best routing display & guide with arrival time

Shadow on Concrete Wall


Info sharing

Same information sharing on both customer application

and delivery system on PC



by your demand

System accept to customize on your demanad in any field of business

Contents >>



> Order Management

> Product/Service set up

> Area Management

> Delivery monitoring

> Contact point center

> Check & confirm

> Reporting



> Receive order/goods

> Routing to drive

> Contact customer

> Delivery confirm

> Job record

> Total income(optional)

> Problem Reporting



> Order goods or services

> Location confirm

> Delivery Info & cost

> Route monitor & check

> Status mornitor & check

> Customer alert

> Receive & confirm

> Evaluation & feedback


Others optional function

> Statistic report for executive & marketing

   (Trend Product, Trend services area, Customer list, etc.)

> Distance Record, Fuel Calculation

> Group Cummunication

> Advance pick-up & delivery plan

> Field staff timesheet log record

> etc.


Delivery Team Support & Managment

> Provide the best route, faster service & avoid the wrong direction driving

> Reduce the limitation of delivery skill (able to delivery to inexperience area)

> Operation timesheet record(Start-End)

> Staff behavior improvement(e.g. stop working with unreasonable, go outside of service area, overtime breaking, etc.)

> Actual fuel cost provable from distance record

Work Management

> More effective planning - job assign by closer distance or more suitable team

> more faster respond and support  for both Delivery & Customer

> Faster of delivery process, get more profit

> Job Status control & confirmation(both side)

> Get delivery record data for marketing analysis

Customer Service

> Reduce process step and error communication

> Same vision & same time on both side for same understansing

> Customer can plan their time schedule for get the goods or services

> Customer get more secure feeling of their goods safety

> Customer get impression, want to use a service again

How difference with others system


Businees which can apply for

Food Delivery

 - Pick & send location

 - Delivery time calculation

 - Location & direction can help to decide for order managment(wait or cancle)

Delivery Hand Off


 - to monitor the financial document

 - to inform customer for preparing for uegent response

 - job schedule planning


Medical Services

Emergency Vehicle, Rescue Team

 - Realtime displaying of vehicle position for avoid the density road

 - Time estimation

 - Hospital alert for services preparing

Emergency Vehicles

Auto Maintenance

Emergency case which need car repairing

- Car Repair team travelling time

- Adding case details for more understand

- Cost estimation

- etc.

Car Repair


- Sharing location of group members

- Communication with course staffs

- Field information, Stop point, Service Pints

- Infomation Recorder for player

Couple in Golf Cart

Postal & Parcel

 - Pick up services

 - Express/Important stuff tracking

 - Alert to customer when the parcel close to destination

Delivery Man

Insurance Bussiness

 - Accidental Location sharing

 - Insurance surveyor location sharing

 - Navigation and time calculation

Image by Michael Jin

Employee Service

Maid Service & Home Repair Service

 - Time & task work check in-out

 - Staff's location sharing when working at customer's home

Driver Rental Services

 - Time & task work check in-out

 - Staff & vehicle location tracking

Vacuuming Couch

Vehicle Rental

 - Connect with your booking system

 - Suitable for bike or bycycle rental business

 - No need to install the hardware for tracking

 - Communication with customers

 - Navigation system add-on

Vintage Motorcycles


Public Transportation Realtime

 - Public Bus realtime location for customer

 - Local Vehicle Services (Van, minibus, etc)

Tourist Group Management & Planning

 - Group & Vehicle location sharing

 - Route & Destination planning

 - Meeting Point Location sharing

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