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 ↓Highlight of MapQuestDotNET (MQ.NET)

MapQuestDotNET is our GIS

application development kit for .NET developers.

It has been developed from 100% of C#. Each function provides the samples of C# and VB.NET (81 pieces) that allow users to learn for the practical usage. In the state of art on development environments, such as Visual Studio 2010, the advantage of .NET is fully used, so it’s easy to develop GIS.

GIS Framework

MapQuestDotNET provides an object-oriented class library for applications incorporating GIS functionality.

Functions and data are based on the object-oriented design which consists of more than 30 packages and more than 600 class libraries.

Developers can implement only the necessary classes in order to make the system functional without redundancy.

MapQuestDotNET Ver4.0 also supports .NET Framework4.0


Recent GIS Development Environment

→ Support .NET Framework 4

In the latest version of MapQuestDotNET, MapQuestDotNET Ver4.0 which corresponds to .NET Framework 4, is about 20% faster in map-drawing than in MapQuestDotNET Ver2.0 which corresponds to .NET Framework 2.0. (Compared to the Company source)

Also, new features of .NET 4 (i.e., parallel programming features and Dynamic Language Runtime) are now available.

→ Support 64bitOS

MapQuestDotNET Ver4.0 supports 64bit OS.
In 64bit OS, more memory resources can be used.

Fast and Beautiful Map Display

The rendering speed of map-drawing in MapQuestDotNET Ver4.0 is up to 2.5 times faster than in Ver2.0. (Compared to Company source)

Since the basic drawing performance is greatly improved, the operations within the map, the expansion (zoom-in), the reduction/shrinking (zoom-out), scroll, are also more optimized.

Simple Programming

Click Once

It is simple even for GIS beginners. Just paste the Map Control on the design screen, the map will be displayed by only 10 lines of code!

For the applications developed by .NET, ClickOnce Distribution can be easily installed in multiple PCs for the typical Windows environment through IE.

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