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Urgently Require !!  (December 2021)


Recruiting Jobs:  Web Application Programmer (Experienced)

Recruitment Plan:  2 positions


Starting Salary:  30,000+ THB (Up to experience)

Working Location: Bangkok (​Head Office)

Working Hours: 8:30~17:30 (lunch break 1 hour), Weekend, Public Holiday (About 120 days per year)

Other Benefits:  Commuting Expenses, Social Insurance, Housing Allowance

Language Skill Requirements:

Able to communicate in English or Japanse (Glad if got JLTP certified.(optional)

Programming Skills Requirement (*specialize in one or more interrelated parts)

    Web Application Framework:

    ( e.g.  Angular,  Angular Material, React, Vue, ASP.NET,  Bootstrap,  jQuery,  Node.js )

    Programing Skill:

    ( e.g.  C#,  CSS,  HTML,  JavaScript,  PHP,  TypeScript )

    Cloud Platform:  

    ( e.g.  AWS,  Azure,  Fibase,  Google Cloud Engine-GCE )

    Web Map Library

    ( e.g.  Leaflet,  Mapbox,  OpenLayers )

    Web Service

    ( e.g.  Certbot,  Kintone,  Let’s Encrypt,  Nginx )


    ( e.g.  Basic Authentication,  Progressive Web Application(PWA),  SSL Certiificate,  Webhook )

    Creativity and Innovative Thinking

Looking for buddies to share our dreams

        An entrepreneurial “venture company” in BKK, specialize in GIS. All employees are still young. (Average age is 24 years old) It’s an environment of you can do what you would like to do.

Dreams of MQ Group

         Googlemap has made me familiar with the map. Taking the advantages of know-how of the maps for 22 years, MQ has been drawing a dream to spread an in-house developed map engine MapQuest to the world.


Recruitment Plan

Recruiting Jobs: Programmer / GIS Programmer

Recruitment Plan: 2-3 positions

Working Location: Bangkok (​Head Office)

Working Hours: 8:30~17:30 (lunch break 1 hour)

Holidays, Leaves: Weekend, Public Holiday (About 120 days per year)

Other Benefits: Commuting Expenses, Social Insurance, Housing Allowance

Starting Salary:

Master Degree 30,000THB~
Bachelor Degree 20,000THB~


Salary Raise: Once a year

Bonus: Once a year
 First year: 1 month,
 Next year: 2 months + α (α: by performance)

Language Skill Requirements:

Japanese Language Skill: JLPT N3 or more

English Language Skill: TOEIC 600+

Recruiting Results:

Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology, Srinakharinwirot University,
Thammasat University, Chulalongkorn University, Chiang Mai University

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