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iBukkenMap is an application for capturing the data of the place that you are interested.

Because iBukkenMap is the aplication for iPad so it will be more convenient to browsing data i.e. general data and images of any places anytime anywhere.

Introduction of iBukkenMap

For Real Estate Agent!

Building and Surrounding Area can be viewed from iPad!

The property information in hand can be easily captured on iPad! Best for both on-site and office-based customer service!

iPad is a necessary item increasing in business efficiency in customer finding.

For real estate agency, iBukkenMap can certainly be used in various activities.
Tablet or smartphone used regardless location and time is the winning tip in increasing business efficiency

*Now available in Japanese only.

Main Function

→ Data Transfer via “iTunes

The information you have in hand, can be transferred directly into iPad via “iTunes” in your PC regardless operating environments of Windows/Mac. There is no need to transfer data in each iPad but the data can be used by sharing.

→Surrounding Environment and Pathway Searching


With the cooperation of standard map function in iPad, pathway and surrounding environment can be searched. Even the distance to school or hospital nearby can also be visually seen on the map.

→ Different Pin Colors Display

For example, in rental building, the pin colors represent separately by building age, floor plan, building type, location, or decided conditions. Even tough there are a lot of information, it can still be easily managed.

→Easily Use

On iPad, the operations of slide, zoom-in, zoom-out the map are controllable via the touch screen. With intuitive operation, anyone can use iBukkenMap

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